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Presentation of the product line PhytAlma

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Plant essentials and authentic flavour for your well-being

Plant essentials and authentic
flavour for your well-being

As our main concern is to develop natural and health-giving products, we have selected the very best that plants can provide for our new range of PhytAlmaź pastilles. In the course of the selection process, we only retain those plants with active agents that are already known in phytotherapy, and that give our pastilles an authentic and natural flavour.
The formula we have developed, with gum arabic as basic ingredient, ensures that our pastilles have a soft texture and that they also take a long while to melt in the mouth, thereby resulting in an agreable blending of flavours. This sample of nature possesses all the properties necessary to give you both a sensation of pleasure and well-being.

Our soft pastilles: a concentrate of beneficial and aromatic natural substances

Our know-how reveals the authentic flavours and the natural therapeutic benefits of our products, plus it also guarantees an excellent and irreproachable quality.